Thursday, March 27, 2008

I joined Krystal's April Budget Challenge!

I'm going to try to put half my income towards the credit card debt this month, which is about $1200, a couple hundred more than usual.

I'm a little bit sad about the state of my debt reduction. I really wanted to be free of the Credit Card monster by the end of Summer. As it stands right now, I owe $8220, so I'd have to put $1644 a month towards it, and that just isn't realistic. Trying for $1200 is a stretch next month is even a stretch, so I'm worried. Plus I'm still paying off $1500 of the $2K in unexpected expenses, and my sister is getting married this summer, which I know is going to cost me over a thousand dollars.

Bottom line: no vacation for me for a very long time. Also, I need to call the second job and start signing up for some extra hours.

Friday, March 14, 2008


Today is payday! I transferred $750 over to Credit Card #4, so I'm on track to pay it off next month! I've worked 12 hours at the second job this week and I think I'll put in another 4 tonight. If I keep up the hours at the second job, I should be able to use my regular paychecks just for fixed expenses and debt reduction.

I also cancelled a little weekend trip on the basis that I don't feel well, my house is a mess, and I have a ton of people coming in from out of town soon. Visitors = eating out, shopping, entertainment, drinking, and having to stock my fridge with real food and beverages (not just ramen and rice milk).

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Taking care of business...

I'm doing a bit of organizing this weekend, and it's been very good for my bottom line. I started by doing my taxes, and between state and federal, I'll be getting a little over $500 bucks. Hopefully filing will also put me on the tax relief list and I'll get that check as well. I've heard it's going to be $600 for us single folks, but haven't been able to find anything concrete about it.

Next I went through my pantry and found a whole lot of breakfast food! I'm notorious for buying cereal but not making the time to actually eat it. I think I'll save some money by having a few breakfast-for-dinners.

I worked about 10 extra hours at the second job this week, and I think I'll work around 18 next weekend.

Monday, March 3, 2008

I'm so proud of myself!

I got my new cable bill, and my promotional rate had run out so I called and cancelled it! I gave the box and remote back today. I'm sure most of you know that the cable company often neglects to block the basic channels. So I checked to see if I still get basic from the coaxial cable. I DO! I still have most of the channels I watch including Bravo (hurray for project runway and millionaire matchmaker!)but I won't be paying a dime! There's no telling when they might shut it off, but for right now, I'm very happy with my decision! I'm saving around $100 a month (I rationalized alot of PayPerView movies because I cancelled my Netflix). I hope that between this and the no-alcohol policy, I'll be back on track with the debt reduction soon!