Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Is anyone else really annoyed by the new holiday Sears ads? The new slogan is "Don't just give a gift- Grant a wish!" One of the families gets the dad a whole new workshop full of tools, another gets a little girl a whole new wardrobe. Um, excess, anyone?


Elizabeth said...

Yeah, I've seen that one and I agree with you. Talk about conspicious consumption. But there's hardly an ad out there that's not offensive.

No payments until June 2008!

Don't wait!

Or sappy commercials to convince us that our husband's don't love us if we don't get new jewelery.

And then, of course, there're all the ads targeted to kids.


Bouncing Back said...

Or the Toy's R' Us ad where mom tucks her daughter into bed and the daughter says "Can we read the toy book and get more toys?" When her bedroom is stuffed with toys. Yikes

Elizabeth said...

bouncing --

I haven't seen that one! That sounds outrageous.