Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Still a little shaky.

It's been a hard week for me, moneywise. I just found about about $2,000 in unexpected expenses, and I'm worried that it will further damage my schedule to get rid of the credit card debt. I'm already about two months behind.

I signed up for a ton of extra shifts at the second job, and hope my tax refund/relief check will also help.

I've been looking for other areas to cut spending, and since I really didn't want to get rid of my cable, I've decided to cut out alcohol entirely. I've been drinking alot lately, and I think it will be better to just quit all together for right now.

I got Suze Orman's "Women and Money" free from that Oprah show, so I've been reading alot of that lately, but so far it's nothing new.


SheGazelle said...

Aww...well chin up soon. I had a few of those frustrating days recently where life happened and ruined my plans and goals.
I think victory will be that much sweeter for us who sometimes struggle toward our goals!

Bouncing Back said...

I printed out the e-book to read this weekend. Seems like a lot of us are having life happen to but a bit of a block in our plans. I gave up beer for lent and am hoping to see an "improvement" in my food budget.

Keep the faith.