Sunday, July 8, 2007

The New To-Do List

Things I can do that don't cost money:

1. Volunteer.
2. Finish knitting that scarf that I've been working on for years.
3. Start sewing the quilt I've been meaning to make from my favorite old t-shirts.
4. Study for the class I'm taking this summer.
5. Go to the gym.
6. Go to the library.
7. Go to the aquarium (I've got some passes).
8. Read the books that I spent money on, yet never read.
9. Do laundry, the dishes or just clean in general.
10. Go visit my mom. She even feeds me.
11. Keep an eye on my retirement account.
12. Clean out my inbox.
13. Play board games or soccer or guitar hero with my friends.

I don't need to spend money on movies or clothes or other things to entertain me. I have lots of things on my to-do list.


Angie Hartford said...

TV may be the opiate of the masses, but it is free. And a great background for exercising, knitting that scarf, or doing the handwork on your quilt.

Potlucks with friends are free, and can be a way to creatively use up "orphaned" ingredients in one's pantry.

Tough Broad said...

Oh, I do love my TV. And my gym has the cardiovision tv sets attached to each of the machines. I can feel the brain cells and the fat cells shrinking at the same time.

A potluck is a great idea! I've been making lots of casseroles lately, and they might be good enought to show off soon!