Saturday, August 25, 2007

Well, my second-job boss nixed my overtime for this upcoming week, so I get today off. Sunday is a nice day to have off, a good day to get organized and relax before the week starts all over again. I've been checking out my expenses and trying to see where my trouble spots are. I'm still spending too much on drinks and snacks at the second job, even though I bring food and tea bags. I need to get tougher on myself!

I also decided that I can't buy magazines anymore. I was such a sucker for them whenever I was travelling or babysitting, and I have a huge stack that must have cost me $300. I should tally up all the cover prices. I decided it's enough, and, in true debtor fashion (no pun intended), bought the largest Vogue ever as my last magazine. It's 840 pages! It's heavy enough to knock someone out! I'm recycling all the other magazines and just putting this in its place, as a reminder that i'm not buying these anymore. And it only cost me $4.99. Before you yell at me, I worked eight hours of overtime yesterday and then five babysitting for a total of 12 hours and $230 dollars. So let me be.

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