Sunday, August 19, 2007

The work begins...

My weekend was lost to two long shifts at the second job, although I did have dinner with a friend Saturday which was nice (and almost free, since I brought a $3 dessert of M&M's and fruit!). I bought food at work both days. Bad, bad, bad. But I went to the market today and got the goods for sandwiches and salads to last me through the week, and if I get bored with those, I'll bring in leftovers.

When I got home tonight, I did some serious internet searching on what to say when I call my credit card companies to lower my interest rates, and broke down and paid to check my credit score. Good news, though! It went up 27 points since I checked it last year! It may not seem like alot, but my fair/good credit score was really making me self-conscious about calling up the companies, so it's helping me feel much better!

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