Friday, December 7, 2007

The holidays are coming...

I have a nasty cold. I've spent a bit on tissues and soup, but I'm too sick to buy anything else, so it might be good for my budget!

It's Payday! I had to pay a few bills today, but won't be putting any extra toward the debt until the holidays are over.

My presents are coming along nicely. I'm a bit over budget on some of my projects, but alot of the things I needed to get were for tools that I'll use again and not on materials that I'm giving away.

Debating whether or not to pick up some extra shifts at the second job. I have my eye on a new guy, which might make things easier if I run into the ex. I'm scheduled for the day after Christmas, so if that isn't too awkward, I'll start working on weekends again. I'm so lucky that they are flexible. Of course, they have soo much work and backlog that they can't really turn me away!

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