Thursday, December 13, 2007

I'm dreaming of a Light Christmas.

Here's the breakdown of my "'Tis better to give than receive"s:


The parents have declined gifts this year. They just want me to pay them back. Ouch.

My siblings and I are all pinching pennies so we've e-mailed each other short lists (with links to online retailers!) of a few gifts under $50 that we'd like. I've got a bro and a sis to shop for- that's $100.

Close friends: Crafts, crafts, crafts. $100 for 6 or so.

Not-so-close friends: We have a Yankee Swap. $25 limit. I hope I find something under $20.

The kids in my life: $30. I only babysit for two, but I really love shopping for them.

Coworker: $15. She loves chocolate. I'm sure I'll get some in return.

That's $265. I'm picking up a shift at the second job tomorrow. And the day after xmas. and hopefully a few more before the new year...

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