Thursday, May 1, 2008

Not entirely finance related but...

I lost five pounds!

I broke down and bought a scale about a month ago. As soon as I bought it, I thought "What a waste of money! You're not going to use it and you're not going to lose any weight. You should have used the money for your debt." It was the first step in my VERY slow effort to eat better and exercise more. It seems to be working! When I got it I was at 173 and now I'm at 168. My doctor wants me to get down to 156, so I have a ways to go, but I'm doing well!


Graduated Learning said...

Awesome! Way to go!

I actually found that eating better is good for my finances too...I used to order out for lunch at work all the time...$8 fattening meals vs. $2 healthier meals...hmmm
so keep up the good work!

asgreen said...

Congrat!! You should defintiely be very proud.

Bouncing Back said...

Hey! Great job on the 5 lb loss! keep up the great work.


Jerry said...

Good for you!!! Depending on your insurance your premium may go down which will lead to even more money in your pocket. Good job!!