Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Joined the May Challenge.

I finally signed up for the May Grocery Challenge over at Give Me Back My Five Bucks. My grocery cost vary widely, but I'm hoping to keep it under $125.

I might have mentioned that work provides for my lunch every week day, so I don't have to worry about that. The problem is that I have a bad habit of buying groceries and then getting too busy to make breakfast, and hitting a patch of eating out and the produce goes bad. I'm a horrible cook with no motivation. But I am determined to change!

Here's the plan- I'll eat my way through the pantry. I have quite a bit of food in there that needs to be eaten. Let's take a look-

3 Boxes of Cereal
1 can of oats
4 Microwave soups
4 cans of soups
4 jars tomato sauce
4 cans of veggies
3 boxes of rice
7 boxes of pasta
3 bags of beans/lentils
3 jars of nuts
20 cubes vegetable boullion
2 packets of ramen noodles

and a whole lot of miscellany.

I'll be updating each week on what I've spend and what I've consumed. You know what that means- the tough broad has some cooking to do...

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Bouncing Back said...

I like the fact you listed what you have in your cupboards. I still have a ton of staples, canned goods that need to be consumed....

Time to surf the web for food ideas.