Monday, September 17, 2007

About Retirement

I started my current job back in December, and I hadn't figured out how to log into my retirement information until today! I had to get through 3 different sets of log-ins! And call a customer care line for help! And reset passwords that I don't remember setting the first time! My Goodness! I can't complain though, because I have great benefits and my employer automatically starts a 401(k) and funds it 5% without any contributions from me.

So I finally logged in and changed my fund to a 2050 target retirement, transferring a lovely $1275.15 of free money into some aggressive territory.

I also signed a new cellphone contract. I'm on the cheapest plan now, which really isn't cheap at all, but I'll be saving about $15/month. I did get a shiny new phone. Not a iPhone, but it did set me back $30. Now my weekly budget is down to $70! I think I'll be ok, because I'm going to some Grad School Fairs this week, and they tend to have tons of free food.

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