Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Budgeting going well!

I've only spent $56.35 so far this week, and that includes a $17 grocery bill and a $30 phone. I haven't spent a dime in the last two days! I'll get paid for 11 hours at the second job tomorrow, and I'll be working 12 hours at the second job this week. Plus, I'm babysitting Saturday night, which usually gets me $60-$80. All together, that's an extra $300! Yea!

I tried to forecast my spending through April, to see if opening up a Roth IRA is a good idea. If I keep working at the second job, it might be do-able, but tight, and I'll have to keep Christmas spending to a minimum, which is tough because I come from a big family that tends to go overboard on gifts. I really want to be rid of the Credit Card debt by July 2008, and kill the student loan debt by October 2009. I'd really like to contribute to the Roth, though, especially since I plan on going back to school full time in 2010, and I know it will be nearly impossible to max it out while I'm a student.

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