Monday, October 8, 2007

Workplace deals!

I work at a huge company. This can have its drawbacks, but they do offer some great company perks. Today I looked into the company's partnership with my wireless carrier. After ten minutes and a few confusing web pages, I was signed up to save an extra 17% on my cell phone plan! That's $6.80 a month or $81.60 a year!

I didn't know about the cell phone discount, so I thought I'd post it. Here are some other good deals I get. Maybe a reader with check out the list, and get inspired to call their HR department. Who knows what saving we could be missing out on!

Public Transportation monthy pass: Regular $59 I pay: $29.50 (pre-tax!)
Gym Membership (4 locations): $24 a year
Health, Dental and Long Term Disability Insurance: $22.63 a week
401(k): Automatic 5%, no matching required!
Basic Life Insurance ($50,000?): free

We also have discounted events, but I'm too far in debt to check those listings!

Do you get any special work perks that aren't listed that I should ask my employer about?

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