Saturday, April 12, 2008

Budget update!

I put $200 toward the debt last week, and another $350 toward it this week. That puts me under $8,000 in credit card debt! I know that may not sound that great, but after seeing that dreaded number go UP, I'm really excited to see it hit a new low.

I might not be able to put anything toward the debt next week, but the week after should take care of Credit Card #4, leaving just one more to go (with a balance over $7K, but I'll take whatever I can get).

To do next week: Work, work, work at the second job.


Tracy said...

Good for you, keep it up and you will feel so great once that debt is gone!

Bouncing Back said...

I just tagged you on my blog. Great work on the debt reduction too! Keep it up and post more often!

linda said...

The speed at which you're paying down those debts is amazing! It's a bit like watching Nascar.