Monday, April 21, 2008

Getting Rid of Clutter!

The nice weather is here, and I'm welcoming it by packing up the sweaters. I have so many clothes that don't fit right or that I just don't care for anymore, so I'm packing them up and getting rid of them this week.

I'm also trying to go through drawers and boxes and throw out the junk I don't need. I'm the classic pack rat who loves to save every birthday card and ticket stub, so whenever I'm in the mood to trash stuff, I do it before the urge passes!

I signed up for Netflix, and was supremely disappointed until I saw all the fitness videos on demand. I've been checking them all out (especially now that I getting rid of clothes because they're too small!), and it's a really nice feature.

I also got to watch "Maxed Out". I already knew most of what it was about, but it was particularly heartbreaking to see family members who had lost loved ones to suicide. I can't imagine killing myself because of my debt, but I've definitely had hard months when I couldn't make those minimum payments. I'm glad to have family that didn't think twice or ask questions when I've needed a loan. I'm also lucky that I've always been offered more paying work than I could physically do.

I'm glad that except for a few stumbles, I've remained committed to living a frugal life and paying off my debt.


asgreen said...

I love de-cluttering. It always leaves me with such a great feeling.

Elizabeth said...

It sounds like the Spring Cleaning bug has bitten a lot of people. I'm clearing out and cleaning up myself.

Just this morning I left 6 bags out for the ARC truck though I was disappointed to see the guy hurl them into the truck. I wonder how much stuff they lose to damage? I'm going to either start doing donation drop-offs or donate to a different organization.

Thanks for the tip on Netflix exercise videos. I'm going to have to give that a try.

Jerry said...

I love de-cluttering, too. It's great because we end up selling a bunch of stuff on ebay after we de-clutter. It's a little insurance for a rainy day and you begin to know how much crap you've accumulated and kept over the years. It's scary sometimes.