Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Wednesday Surprise!

I logged into my bank account worried that I'm might be dangerously low as I wait for the direct deposits from the second job (tomorrow) and the full time job (Friday). To my surprise, my tax returns were there! What a happy number! I only got $480 back. I think that's great though, since I changed my deductions early last year so I could pay off the debt and not "loan" it to the govenment until April. I just transferred $350 to pay off credit cards, which means:

1.) I'm up to $900 of the $1200 I promised to put toward cc debt this month.
3.) My New Credit Card Debt is $7,456.75! I've paid off $6,812.25 in less than a year.

I really wanted to pay off my credit card debt by August, and right now that means I'd have to pay about $1850 a month for the next four months. I'm not sure that's possible, but maybe with the stimulus check, three paydates in August, and a lot more hours at the second job, I'll get pretty close...


Stephanie said...

I was excited to see how quickly the refunds came back
(at least for my state returns!)
Congrats on chipping away at that debt! I'm rooting for you!

Kelly Bejelly said...

WOW! Congrats on all the debt you've paid off. I need to get back in the debt payoff saddle.

Dump the Debt said...

Congratulations Girl! You're doing really well. I am proud of you!!

Bouncing Back said...

Way to go, congrats on paying off that Credit Card, onward and upward!