Thursday, April 24, 2008

Things I DONT buy!

The Suburban Wife has a great new post about all the stuff she doesn't buy. I thought I'd list a few things myself.

1. Coffee - I never liked the stuff.

2. Tobacco - My mom was a heavy smoker when I was growing up, so I never touched cigarettes.

3. Meat - I'm a vegetarian going on 8 years now. There are lots of reasons to avoid the meat, but I do it for health reasons.

4. Cars - I pay $30 a month for a subway pass and I do just fine.

5. Technology toys - I have the free cell phone that comes with the plan, a laptop, TV and DVD player that were a birthday/xmas gifts from my college days, and a stereo that's a 10-year-old hand-me down. I did buy an IPod, but it was at a discount for a charity event. Gadgets don't get me excited.

6. Pets - I have thought alot about getting a dog, a cat, or even some fish, but I'm not sure I have the time or the disposable income to take care of them. Right now I just spend alot of time with my friends' pets!

7. Lottery tickets, casinos, raffles, ect. - It's just not my thing. I tried playing Bingo earlier this year and almost fell asleep!

8. Waxing/bleaching my upper lip - Many of the women in my family get this done, and I just don't get it. I'm sure for many women, it is a problem and they feel better taking care of it, but our coloring isn't "bad" enough to justify it, in my opinion. Earlier this year, I got my eyebrows waxed and the waxer suggested it, and I polietly declined, but in my head I was like, "Yeah, you just want another fifteen bucks to spend thirty seconds smearing hot wax on an inch of my face that is perfectly fine already. Um, no."

What don't you spend money on?

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Elizabeth said...

Tough Broad, thanks so much for participating!

I loved your list. Gizmos are a bit of a weakness for me but my habit is very tame compared to true gear-heads.

You had two items in your list I hadn't thought of.

1) Pets -- great money-savings in not having a pets. We don't have any pets either.

2) Gambling -- another one I avoid.